Saturday, September 29, 2012

It's Kevin Durant's Birthday and he is yearning for some Rihanna Lovin'.

Just Kevin Durant asking what every guy would want, right?
I see you KD, everyone wants some good lovin' on their birthday.
We all know how you can make it special, girl. He just wants to go downtown with a girl like you, and maybe you guys will find love in that hopeless place. Then one day, he might be da one you be dreamin bout all day, and he will always be standing under your umbrella. Don't break Kevin's heart by being unfaithful because he so ugly when he cries. He is not a rude boy that is into S&M, but he can make you feel like you are the only girl in the world. (See if you can find all the references.)

What makes this even better is that James Harden called him out and got mad jealous.

Way to go, Durantula, now there is no way the Beard one would stay.

Sources: @KDTrey5, @rihanna, @JHarden13

Friday, September 28, 2012

The Miami Heat are hypocrites.

As you all know, NBA is finally implementing a system to prevent flopping, by administering the culprits fines after games.

One of the biggest offenders are the reigning champions Miami Heat, and yes, Clippers you are without a doubt flop city. But a major change this year, without Reggie Evans as one of the core guys, the Clips will definitely take big drop on the offender list.

Today was NBA media day and the coach of the Heat, Erik Spoelstra was asked some critical questions that are recorded by the press in form of tweets.

 Okay, so I better not see Lebron wobbling like top after getting hit.

 But you just said, you are toughening up your guys, what are you trying to say Pat Riley's puppet?

WHOA, of all people, Battier actually called flopping a problem when he is making a legitimate NBA career out of it, that is ridiculous, just like this flop he pulled. (Clip via @basquiatball) 

Sources: @tomhaberstroh and @MiamiHeraldHeat

Kobe Bryant can't beat Obama one on one.

Kobe did an interview with Ellen today and talked about his not so friendly competition with Obama.

 Skip to 3:39.

I bet the president's trash talk must be on point, with all the speeches he give that raises hope, imagine what he can do to mentally destroy you.
With that in mind and CIA around the court, how could Kobe focus on his game while, knowing that at any second some dude with sunglasses on will blow his leg off.

The scenario reminds me of space jam, remember the part where they showed Michael Jordan forced to play alien kids one on one, with his leg chained to a ball, so that he loses every game.
Yep, pretty much the same.

Bonus video: Just a cute moment of a kid meeting his favorite player.
Loved how he admitted he had no chance to win without hesitation.

Source: The Ellen Show on Youtube

Kevin Garnett deleted Ray Allen's phone number.


Apparently, Kevin Garnett hasn't talked to Ray Allen since he got signed to the Heat.
"I don't have Ray's number anymore," Garnett said at the Celtics' media day Friday. "I'm not trying to communicate. I'm just being honest with everybody in here. ... It's just what it is.
Pressed on why he cut off contact with Allen, Garnett added, "I choose not to. I choose -- that's a choice I personally made. I told you all, I'm very close to Ray. I know his family. I wish nothing but the best for him and his family. I'm just making a choice on my own. That's all."
Wow. I can't wait for the Miami Heat and Boston Celtics opening game now. Can you imagine Kevin Garnett walk up to the Heat bench and purposely not greet Ray, leaving his teammate for the last 5 years hanging there, just watching KG turn his back to him.
What is even harder imagining is KG trying to hold his trash talk back, just so he can avoid talking to Ray.

Update with Video:

 KG looked super hurt to talk about it, hey look on the bright side, you actually got better team mates out of it.

Source: ESPN Boston

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Metta World Peace apologizes for having No Swag and ranks other NBA players in "fashion swag."

MWP decided to go off on twitter on Thursday night, and I felt like I had to share this gold mine with you guys.

Spell check please.
Ok, sure. You narcissist.
Bold statement, but Stephen Jackson doesn't agree. Also KD and Westbrook are the only ones wearing backpacks to post game interviews, pretty much a given.

Geez, Tyson Chandler, your momma could have put something better together for you.

Ok, what the hell is money swag? At this point, I am not even sure MWP knows how to use the word.

Pretty sure no one expects you to dress "swag." We just hope you can keep the mind losing Ron Artest within you and not spontaneously combust.

Zing! Complimenting their perfume after implying that Lamar is pussy whipped by his wife, that's so Ron Artest.

What an ending to a day.

Sources: @DaTrillStak5 and @MettaWorldPeace

Dwight Howard does a terrible Kobe Bryant Impression.

Dwight Howard visited Ellen today and showed off his Diva personality.

Skip to the 5 minute mark for a terrible Kobe impression, and watch the whole thing, if you want to see an over sized clown over exaggerating his love for Ellen.

Also Dwight mentions he had dreams of playing with Kobe Bryant, so WHY DID THE FREAKING INDECISION LAST SO DAMN LONG! I know that it was Orlando's choice, but the whole stint seemed like he had some control. Whatever I am glad it is over now and super ready for the season to start.

Source: Beyond the Buzzer

Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen had a dance off.

It was Scottie's 47th birthday, 2 days ago and apparently the best thing ever went down:
Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan surprised his former teammate Scottie Pippen for Pippen’s 47th birthday party Monday night. Pippen’s wife, Larsa, planned the secret bash at Chicago hot spot Sunda. Sources told us the fun night ended with a dance-off between Jordan and Pippen to the Trey Songz and Fabolous song, “Say Ahh.”
Can you even imagine the greatest basketball duo bust a move in those clothes, at their current age and to above all else Trey Songz's "Say Ahh." That is the epitome of a song that older people shakes their head to, and grumble about how the young generation ruined music.

With all that said, video/pictures or it didn't happen bro.

Sources: New York Post

More Rookie Hazing: Reggie Evans punishes Tyshawn Taylor.

The Brooklyn Nets are on a roll with this hazing stuff, first Marshon Brooks and now Tyshawn Taylor.

Poor Tyshawn was just trying to get a workout in a under water tread mill, when Reggie couldn't find the paper on the coffee table and decides to throw the rookie's clothes in to the water.

Source: @ReggieEvans30

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Derek Fisher finds his way back to Lakerland.

Not really, but he is back at the LA practice facility to just work out.

You can spot him at 0:16 of the video, ignore the big doofus working on his post moves.


Derek Fisher definitely wants to finish his career with the Lakers, but he will not be able to be signed by them until the trade deadline. 
With the salary the Lakers have to pay, resigning Derek Fisher would be unlikely, and many teams have been reported to be interested in the veteran guard.

Sources: @Lakers

Javale McGee gets a role in upcoming Batman movie sequel.

Jokes, but good angry face though.

 I am mile high city's reckoning.
This works in so many ways, and basically speaks of Javale's potential in Denver.
He can either turn into one of NBA's biggest jokes (which he kind of is already), or change the franchise around and be a solid star.

Sources: @SteveHess1

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Deron Williams and Reggie Evans filled up Marshon Brooks's car with popcorn.

Just a guess, but I think they are just catching up on the rookie hazing that they missed out on, during the lockout season, since Marshon Brooks is a sopohmore now. And they didn't hold back either, they actually pulled off  a good one, where as last time, they just made the rookie carry a hot pink purse around. Did not need to see Reggie Evans half naked though and he better lay off the popcorn, putting on all that weight, might break a back on his flops this season. On second thought, go ahead Reggie, eat up!

Expected a lot more of an reaction, but hopefully it leads to revenge, the calm one always hit back hard.

He better tip that guy good, getting that popcorn butter grease off your car is practically impossible.


Whoa, he got PSY to clean his car.

Sources: @DeronWilliams, @Marshon2

Stephen Jackson is the ultimate bro and the best NBA rapper.

Captain Jack recently did an interview with the breakfast club - Power 105.1, and I decided to summarize the 12 minute video for you guys, but you should really watch it, its surprising entertaining.

Notes in chronological order:

Stephen Jackson does not work out during the offseason, because he feels like he's been doing this basketball thing too long.

Stephen Jackson calls every NBA player that raps "WACK", except Kevin Durant who is less WACK, and good enough just to make it to Stack5's album.

When Allen Iverson was mentioned, Stephen Jackson said he eats his lunch.

Acknowledged Shaq was pretty good, but said that he had no swag because of his height and weight, which doesn't really make sense.

He can't vouch for Metta World Peace's music, even though they fought together in malice in the palace incident. The man lost 3 million dollars in that incident and put his career in jeopardy and MWP didn't even thank him. Also a hilarious bit, where MWP actually asked Jackson whether they were gonna get in trouble or not.

Stephen Jackson shot up a strip club to help his teammate out, bonus bro points.

Called off his relationship with his now ex-fiancee on the DAY of the wedding, because the she did not sign the prenuptial within the give time window, and thinks she would have screwed him over, if he did wed.

When Tony Parker's french rap album comes up, he instantly called it wack and terrible. Coach Pop probably hates both of their music.

This pretty much proves Stephen Jackson as one of those best teammates to have on your team and would hate to face on another.
Source: @LeighEllis

Iman Shumpert dunks an iPhone 5.

The New York Knick's sophomore added a little twist on the traditional drop test.

Dwyane Wade crowned himself and LeBron as the BEST DRESSED NBA players in the 2011-2012 Finals.

Looks like I was right about the secret NBA fashion battle between the players of Miami Heat and Oklahoma City Thunder, but it looks like the competition is now officially over. In a series that went to 5 games, Dwyane Wade not only took the ultimate prize of the Larry O' Brien Trophy away from the Thunder in the NBA finals this year, he also just ripped Russell Westbrook's NBA best dressed award (by best dressed, we all already know it means the weirdest and wackiest) right out of his hands.

From Dwyane Wade's recent interview with Maxim:
During the finals, it seemed like you and LeBron were having a style contest with Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook of the Thunder. Who do you think won?
"It wasn’t even close. We’re way better dressers than they are."
Ouch. Seems like Wade didn't even acknowledge them as adversaries, he might as well be holding on to Russ's pumping heart and screaming fatality, as the point guard slowly withers. The young thunder must be feeling extra down now that their hours and hours of work to put on the best outfit after every game has gone down the drain. At least there is next season, hopefully they will bring their A game, cheer up bros.
Source: TBJ

Someone actually wanted to get dunked on by Blake Griffin for fun.

So, basically the victim of that video believed he could block Blake Griffin's dunk. It ended well.

Secret NBA fashion competition: Russell Westbrook VS. Dwyane Wade!

Uhhh, yea....
Just when I thought Russell Westbrook can not get any crazier with his fashion statements, he steps it up. This is just insane, but I think there is a reason for this. We all agree (unless you find a compelling argument) that the other most popular "stylish" NBA player is Dwyane Wade, who is a member of the Miami Heat that defeated Westbrook's Oklahoma City Thunder. By my research, I have come to a conclusion that there MUST be a competition between the two All-Stars, and the objective is to top each others wackiest clothing. I for one, am looking forward to Wade's answer to that crazy tight leopard shirt.

Shane Battier calls out Chase Budinger's crush on Alex Morgan on Twitter, results in a hilarious comeback.

Chase Budinger was just chilling and watching the 2012 London Olympics Women's Soccer Semifinal between Canada and USA. As you know, the game ended with Alex Morgan's Header that gave the American team the win, but what you didn't know was that at that same moment, Chase got butterflies in his stomach, his heart beated faster than ever and decided to proclaim his love for the striker on twitter. Hilarity ensues.

OH BURN! I mean that's COLD!!!

Someone needs to tell Dwyane Wade that his socks, in fact do not have swag.

If you follow Dwyane Wade on twitter, your feed will more than likely be occupied with the basketball player showcasing his unique "fashion choices." Yes, we have seen him in hot pink pants, those despised hipster glasses, and that sticker with his last name on his face but nothing is more weird than his recent sudden obsession with socks. I don't know if he saw RGIII's collection and got super jealous, but here some of the pictures I have compiled through his twitter and some Google searches.

I am guessing he borrowed his girlfriend's socks.

Summer colors with winter boots?

I see you paparazzi, get a close up on my socks.

The socks look like a shirt my dad worn in the 70's.

You should just throw these into the fire.

Possibly the most ill matched combination.

It is not just that the socks are just ridiculous, its just how ill matching they are with the shoes. With the millions of dollars you earn every year, for the love of god, get matching socks!

Lebron's hair decided to take a day off.

Oh no! Where did LeBron's hair go? Time for a head band change bro.

Russell Westbrook Meme Part 2

Rusell Westbrook Meme

Saw this in SI and had to do it.