Thursday, September 27, 2012

Metta World Peace apologizes for having No Swag and ranks other NBA players in "fashion swag."

MWP decided to go off on twitter on Thursday night, and I felt like I had to share this gold mine with you guys.

Spell check please.
Ok, sure. You narcissist.
Bold statement, but Stephen Jackson doesn't agree. Also KD and Westbrook are the only ones wearing backpacks to post game interviews, pretty much a given.

Geez, Tyson Chandler, your momma could have put something better together for you.

Ok, what the hell is money swag? At this point, I am not even sure MWP knows how to use the word.

Pretty sure no one expects you to dress "swag." We just hope you can keep the mind losing Ron Artest within you and not spontaneously combust.

Zing! Complimenting their perfume after implying that Lamar is pussy whipped by his wife, that's so Ron Artest.

What an ending to a day.

Sources: @DaTrillStak5 and @MettaWorldPeace

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