Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Stephen Jackson is the ultimate bro and the best NBA rapper.

Captain Jack recently did an interview with the breakfast club - Power 105.1, and I decided to summarize the 12 minute video for you guys, but you should really watch it, its surprising entertaining.

Notes in chronological order:

Stephen Jackson does not work out during the offseason, because he feels like he's been doing this basketball thing too long.

Stephen Jackson calls every NBA player that raps "WACK", except Kevin Durant who is less WACK, and good enough just to make it to Stack5's album.

When Allen Iverson was mentioned, Stephen Jackson said he eats his lunch.

Acknowledged Shaq was pretty good, but said that he had no swag because of his height and weight, which doesn't really make sense.

He can't vouch for Metta World Peace's music, even though they fought together in malice in the palace incident. The man lost 3 million dollars in that incident and put his career in jeopardy and MWP didn't even thank him. Also a hilarious bit, where MWP actually asked Jackson whether they were gonna get in trouble or not.

Stephen Jackson shot up a strip club to help his teammate out, bonus bro points.

Called off his relationship with his now ex-fiancee on the DAY of the wedding, because the she did not sign the prenuptial within the give time window, and thinks she would have screwed him over, if he did wed.

When Tony Parker's french rap album comes up, he instantly called it wack and terrible. Coach Pop probably hates both of their music.

This pretty much proves Stephen Jackson as one of those best teammates to have on your team and would hate to face on another.
Source: @LeighEllis

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