Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Dwyane Wade crowned himself and LeBron as the BEST DRESSED NBA players in the 2011-2012 Finals.

Looks like I was right about the secret NBA fashion battle between the players of Miami Heat and Oklahoma City Thunder, but it looks like the competition is now officially over. In a series that went to 5 games, Dwyane Wade not only took the ultimate prize of the Larry O' Brien Trophy away from the Thunder in the NBA finals this year, he also just ripped Russell Westbrook's NBA best dressed award (by best dressed, we all already know it means the weirdest and wackiest) right out of his hands.

From Dwyane Wade's recent interview with Maxim:
During the finals, it seemed like you and LeBron were having a style contest with Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook of the Thunder. Who do you think won?
"It wasn’t even close. We’re way better dressers than they are."
Ouch. Seems like Wade didn't even acknowledge them as adversaries, he might as well be holding on to Russ's pumping heart and screaming fatality, as the point guard slowly withers. The young thunder must be feeling extra down now that their hours and hours of work to put on the best outfit after every game has gone down the drain. At least there is next season, hopefully they will bring their A game, cheer up bros.
Source: TBJ

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