Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Deron Williams and Reggie Evans filled up Marshon Brooks's car with popcorn.

Just a guess, but I think they are just catching up on the rookie hazing that they missed out on, during the lockout season, since Marshon Brooks is a sopohmore now. And they didn't hold back either, they actually pulled off  a good one, where as last time, they just made the rookie carry a hot pink purse around. Did not need to see Reggie Evans half naked though and he better lay off the popcorn, putting on all that weight, might break a back on his flops this season. On second thought, go ahead Reggie, eat up!

Expected a lot more of an reaction, but hopefully it leads to revenge, the calm one always hit back hard.

He better tip that guy good, getting that popcorn butter grease off your car is practically impossible.


Whoa, he got PSY to clean his car.

Sources: @DeronWilliams, @Marshon2

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