Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Someone needs to tell Dwyane Wade that his socks, in fact do not have swag.

If you follow Dwyane Wade on twitter, your feed will more than likely be occupied with the basketball player showcasing his unique "fashion choices." Yes, we have seen him in hot pink pants, those despised hipster glasses, and that sticker with his last name on his face but nothing is more weird than his recent sudden obsession with socks. I don't know if he saw RGIII's collection and got super jealous, but here some of the pictures I have compiled through his twitter and some Google searches.

I am guessing he borrowed his girlfriend's socks.

Summer colors with winter boots?

I see you paparazzi, get a close up on my socks.

The socks look like a shirt my dad worn in the 70's.

You should just throw these into the fire.

Possibly the most ill matched combination.

It is not just that the socks are just ridiculous, its just how ill matching they are with the shoes. With the millions of dollars you earn every year, for the love of god, get matching socks!

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