Friday, June 28, 2013

Bobcats fans boo Charlotte's draft selection.

Welp, this isn't going to bode well in the near future.

Via: Did Charlotte Win?

Wesley Matthews really dislikes shopping with his mom.

DUDE, I KNOW. This is my mom, "Hey son, do you want to go to IKEA with me? I am just going look at a few things and might need your help loading it to the car."


Random NBA .GIF of the Day: Farewell, Paul Pierce the Celtic.

Really going to miss you in green, big fella. It's going to be pretty weird to see you retire with a team other than the Boston Celtics. Good luck with the Nets (you guys are totally getting eliminated in the second round of the playoffs, please don't send your Russian mobsters to get me, Mr. Prokhorov).

David Sterns trolls booing fans at the NBA Draft for the last time.

BRING. DA. NOISE. All jokes aside, thanks for everything, David Stern. There were some bad times, but the NBA might not be where it is today, without you. Happy retirement, dude. May the stress lift of off your droopy ear lobes before they magically elongate any further.

Via: SB Nation

Victor Oladipo and fellow 2013 NBA Draftees answer silly questions.

Okay, it's official. Victor Oladipo is now my favorite player in the 2013 draft class. Not only does he have the funnest last name, he uses Fresh Prince of Bel-Air pick-up lines and can sing a perfect rendition of Usher's "U Got It Bad." This man is stealing my heart.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Chris Bosh talks photo bombing and playing against Tim Duncan on Conan.

“Being on a team that actually wins is really fun.”

You hear that? That's the sound of Chris Bosh stabbing my little Canadian heart. (Still heart you, though)

Yachting Gasol brothers is the most NBA off-season photo ever.

Via: Daily Mail
Everything about this photo is perfect. Splash news (which is totally a real thing), Marc Gasol's socks, Pau Gasol's butt crack, and their increase in body composition. There really isn't a better off-season photo, at least not yet.

Via: TBJ

Kevin Durants gets drafted #1 in new Nike commercial.

Not to take away anything from Kevin Durant, but he really can't be anything other than a shirt. I mean, how else is he going to cover up those business tattoos and the tragic misspelling on the his back (which he did fix later).

Carlos Boozer gets photo bombed by a dolphin.

Why is there a bed on the outside of the boat? Looks Unsafe. Via: Carlos Boozer Instagram
Almost as good as the whispering digital Duncan. Almost.

The Los Angeles Lakers are begging Dwight Howard to stay with billboards.

Got to say, it's pretty weird to see one of the biggest and most successful franchises, who has a quite a track record with free agents, beg a player to stay in L.A., because that normally doesn't happen too often. And if this fails, the Lakers will be a huge mess, until the Summer of 2014 that is.

All photos via: @Lakers

Iman Shumperts models new orange alternate New York Knicks jersey.

Nothing is official yet. Although Iman did remove the photo above from his instagram after a few hours. Via: Reddit
YES. NOW THIS, THIS IS ORANGE DONE RIGHT. Took you long enough, Knicks.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

LeBron James graces the cover of Sports Illustrated.

It's not the greastest angle, but once you run it through the CSI enhancement program which I totally possess, a few times, it's not that bad of a photo.



Kevin Durant schools everyone in D.C.'s Goodman Summer League.

I guess this will have to do, you know, with NBA basketball being months away, all we have left is watching a professional destroy normal people, who are probably not too keen on playing defense on Kevin Durant.

Carmelo Anthony, Dwight Howard and others star in "Amazing," a Chinese basketball movie.

THIS. LOOKS. TERRIBLE. Which means I will probably watch it anyway.

If Metta World Peace could choose any two players to join the Lakers, who would they be?

Luke Walton, 2 Rings > Kevin Durant, No Rings. Yup, LOGIC.

Deron Williams bullies young Knicks fan for being a Knicks fan.

"It's not really a rivalry yet," said man, who just pushed over a kid for being a Knicks fan.

Via: Deron Williams Instagram

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Fans toss shoes at Mike Miller at the Heat Championship Celebration.

Who throws a shoe? Via: Reddit
Socks are probably the more appropriate tribute to Mike Miller's one shoe three pointer, considering that most retailers sell shoes in pairs and Mike was wearing A LOT of socks, enough to actually compensate a missing shoe. Which is a a lot.

LeBron James talks about losing his headband in Game 6 of the NBA Finals.

View more videos at:

Sit down Juwan, nobody wants your headbands from the 1950's. Jeez.

The Miami Heat looks back at their 2012-2013 season.

It's a shame they didn't interview Mario Chalmers about his strangely hynoptic dance. I really wanted to know how it all came about.

Just look at this.


Dwyane Wade's 10 year old son, Zaire, is already very good at basketball.

Do all left handed guards play the same, or do they all watch some kind of mandatory Manu Ginobili basketball tutorial tapes at birth? Probably the latter, right? And if so, where can I get my hands on those tapes? I NEED TO KNOW OF ITS EXISTENCE. I am left handed, by the way, but I do this weird thing where I shoot the basketball right handed, sort of like Larry Bird, which is kind of cool, and not really, because I am not all that great. SO I REALLY NEED IT.

Via: TBJ

Check out Dwyane Wade's Heat Championship Edition Socks.

ALL THE COLORS. Via: Dwyane Wade's Instagram
See guys, this is exactly what I told you would happen when you gave Dwyane Wade his own line of socks. I warned you.

The Best of Chris Bosh Video Bombs of the 2012-2013 Season.


Ricky Rubio uses a phone case with Ricky Rubio on it.

RUBIO-CEPTION. Via: rickyrubio9
Ricky, I know you are pretty, but come on... that's just weird.

Random NBA .GIF of the Day: LeBron is dancin' in yo face.

Sorry in advance for possible epilepsy. Via: Reddit

Monday, June 24, 2013

Pat Riley dances at the Miami Heat Championship Celebration.

You have to admit, the man got moves. Via: Reddit
Pat Riley has ALL THE SWAG. Do you see those golf shoes?

Ryan Anderson gets attacked by Darth Vader.

Okay, Ryan Anderson got attacked by Darth Vader in bed, totally normal, happens to everybody. But why is there brown stuff on his face?

Terrence Ross's insane windmill dunk at the UW Alumni dunk contest.

The first two dunks were cool and all, but I don't think you guys grasped how incredible the windmill dunk was in the end of the Vine.

Here's the first angle.

And another.

You can close your jaw now. Yes, that pass did happen.

Dirk Nowitzki flops in a charity All-Star soccer game in Germany.

Yo Dirk, I know your people invented the crazy illegal German knee procedure and everything, but being 7 foot and falling for no apparent reason, can't be good for your knees, bro.

Dwyane Wade confesses his love to his 3 Championship trophies.

Seriously Dwyane? You too? Really not helping with the whole "everybody hates the Miami Heat" thing.

Via: Dwyane Wade's Instagram

Random NBA .GIF of the Day: All of LeBron's Game 7 Shots.

This is pretty amazing. Poor Spurs. Via: BDL

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Random NBA .GIF of the Day: Joakim Noah Finger Guns.

Joakim might have retired the celebration, but it will live in our hearts forever. Well, at least in mine, it will.

LeBron James already lost his Championship trophy.

BRAG BRAG BRAG-GITTY BRAG BRAG. I am happy for you, but no one likes a bragger, LeBron.

OHHH SHINY. Via: @mrtonyali
Okay, maybe a little.

Via: LeBron's Instagram

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Numbers say LeBron James could possibly surpass Michael Jordan.


Russell Westbrook helped a Thunder fan propose on Twitter.

Congrats to the Charlie Bright and Rachel Haycraft on their engagement. Via: @rachelhaycraft

Yes, this really happened, it's weird, even weirder than when Kendrick Perkins sold his bulldog on twitter

Friday, June 21, 2013

Shane Battier celebrated his second NBA title at Denny's.

WAFFLES > PANCAKES. Via: @ShaneBattier
Like one of my closest friends would say, you can never go wrong with breakfast at 2 in the morning. NEVER.

Dwyane Wade tries to get his knee drunk after winning the title.

Weird. Via: Reddit
It's not as effective as the presumably large volumes of cortisone you are on, but I guess it couldn't hurt to give it a try.

Chris Bosh gets confetti stuck to his mouth.

Oh Chris Bosh, I can never quit you.

Chris "Birdman" Andersen's championship bobble-head is missing tattoos.


Via: BDL

Random NBA .GIF of the Day: Chris Bosh can't believe this foul call.

DRAMA. Via: @cjzero
The timing of the camera flashes are amazing, it really enhances Chris Bosh's disbelief.

Drake was denied from entering the Miami Heat locker room celebration.

This is a good thing, the last time Drake, alcohol and NBA got mixed up, someone (Tony Parker) ended up with shards of broken glass in their eyes.

Tim Duncan drags Tony Parker to the huddle.

Awww. That's the same thing my parents did when they wanted to remove me from public's eye before handing out the severest of all punishments. Real love.

LeBron James's Nike "Leave A Message" Commercial.

Wait... people still use answering machines? LeBron, it's 2013, we have a thing called voice mail now, it's pretty cool.

Gregg Popovich's pregame comedy special.


LeBron James guns down Dwyane Wade's face with champagne.

Chill, LeBron. You are going to melt Dwyane Wade's eyes off. Via: SB Nation
Not the most efficient way to consume alcohol,  but you can do whatever you want after winning the NBA championship. Crazy kids.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Congratulations to the Miami Heat, NBA Champions 2012-2013.

Your 2013 NBA Champions, Miami Heat. (Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Your 2013 NBA Finals MVP, LeBron James. (Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
Thank you, NBA. See you next October!

(P.S. Can someone please give Manu a hug for me, please.)

The science behind Ray Allen's Game 6 overtime-forcing 3-pointer.

... Or maybe it's just repetition with just a hint of luck.
"There's no target," he told me earlier in the series. "I don't aim. If I'm aiming that's when I'm missing. The way I look at it is just get the ball in the air. You do it over and over again you should never have a target." - Ray Allen (Via: SB Nation)
Great, so I have been shooting the basketball wrong this whole time. MY LIFE IS A LIE.

The Phoenix Suns's new logos for next season.

Via: NBCSportsRoc
FINALLY. Please let this mean that the Suns will bring back their black retro jersey permanently and are considering new jerseys that do not involve sleeves. You know, for our eyes sake.

Random NBA .GIF of the Day: Kevin Garnett will steal your soul.


The San Antonio Spurs in the past decade.

The only thing that would make this any cooler, would be an accurate track of hair growth among the players, duh.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Chris Bosh accidentally kisses Rashard Lewis on the cheeks

They both played it off beautifully, but nothing gets pass YouTube.

Kendrick Perkins just sold his bulldog on Twitter, you guys.

Striking resemblance to it's owner.

Social media is the weirdest.

Via: Deadspin

Joey Crawford wants Dwyane Wade to stop yelling at him.

Remember, this man once broke his finger calling a technical foul. The new-age NBA has made you soft, Joey.

Gregg Popovich trolls reporter in his post game conference.

Reporter, meet Gregg Popovich, MASTER TROLL.

Random NBA .GIF of the Day: Ray Allen's late 3-pointer sends Game 6 into overtime.

This was Ray Allen's first and only three of the game, and of course it comes at the most critical time, just like we all expected. Always believe in Jesus.

Mike Miller drills a three on one shoe.

Shoes? Who needs shoes when you have 30 socks on one foot and Gary Neal guarding you? Seriously, Gary.

LeBron James's incredible headband-less 4th quarter.

Hypothesis: From the research I have conducted over this NBA season, it seems like the headband is not simply just an accessory to cover up LeBron's receding hairline, it is in fact an inhibitory device that keeps the cyborg's power under control. And if any of my fictional numbers were correct, a longer than designed exposure of the creature's forehead would mean the end of mankind.

Farewell, fellow humans.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

LeBron James's new Nike sneakers proclaim him as a "2-Time Champion."

LeBron X low "Floral" edition
Getting a little ahead ourselves, aren't we? Nike does know that if the Spurs win tonight, these shoes are going straight in to the recycling bin (I am Canadian, everything gets recycled here, EVERYTHING), right?  Which is not all bad, not that I want LeBron to lose or anything (I actually feel bad for the dude), but they are hideous and no one should ever fork up $200 bucks for it. No one except for Craig Sager, those will go great with a matching jacket.

All photos via: Kix and the City

Dwight Howard is too tall for normal pants.

Tall People Problems. Via: @shegotgame
Being tall isn't as glamorous as it seems, not every store has size 36" x BAJILLION" pants readily available. At least Dwight never had any problems finding Ed Hardy shirts. He has plenty of those.

Kobe Bryant has his own statue in China.

Kobe looks like he put on a few pounds. Via: @eds824
Kobe Bryant is obviously super popular in China (NBA leader in jersey sales in China for six years running), so the statue sort of makes sense, but don't think too much of it, Stephon Marbury got his own too.

Dwight Howard isn't leaving for Houston because Metta World Peace has him by the balls.

Yes, those were Metta's exact words. From CSN Houston:
When asked about the Lakers center who is about to be a free agent, World Peace said, “Well, he’s not going to Houston, I tell you that. 
“You know how those horses have those little things, ties in a bullfight, you tie those things to their balls and they go crazy? I’ve got two of those tied to Dwight Howard’s testicles, so he can’t move.” 
After massive laughter, Sportsradio 610′s Mike Meltser asked, “So you think Dwight is definitely staying in LA?” 
“He can’t move,” World Peace answered. “If he does, it’ll be painful. So he can’t go nowhere.”
As if his off-season wasn't already wild enough.

Via: PBT

Random NBA .GIF of the day: Boris Diaw can't believe this foul call.

Somebody get Boris Diaw his damn croissants.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Dwyane Wade wears his nickname, W.O.W, around his neck.

Via: @cjzero
Remember how great of an idea it was for Dwyane Wade to nickname himself, W.O.W., so he would always be synonymously linked to random calls by announcers in awe? Well, it's still a thing and really, it's kind of sad at this point. The worst part is that he can't even go back to being "Flash," because, you know, knees.

Via: TBJ

Nate Robinson can magically jump through doors.

Cool, but you can just use the door like a normal person.

Rajon Rondo teams up with Jimmy Kimmel to mess with his fans.

That is one gullible dude. Rondo is weird, but come on.

Manu Ginobili's perfect Coach Gregg Popovich impression.


Via: Reddit (through B/R)

Random NBA .GIF of the Day: Tim Duncan flicks Manu Ginobili's "hair."

Tim  just increased the radius of Manu's hair hole by about 5mm. Some teammate. Via: @CorkGaines
It's not the same without the dark long beautiful flowing locks, but the magic is still with the bald spot.

Danny Green shatters Ray Allen's NBA Finals three point record.

Guys, I think we are about to witness something totally different from what we expected. With the Spurs leading the Heat, 3 games to 2 in the NBA Finals, and just one victory away from the championship title, Danny Green could possibly end up as the NBA Finals MVP. He already erased Ray Allen's 2008 NBA record for the most threes made in the Finals, hitting 25 of 38 in the just the fifth game of the series, while Allen shot 22 for 42 to set his record in the six game Celtics-Lakers series. Man, no matter how it ends, this is going down to be one of weirdest endings to a NBA season. Let's just hope it won't end on any blowouts. I think we have had enough of those.

How's those threes taste, Ray Allen?

GIF Mashup by @cjzero

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Dirk Nowitzki mentors lucky fan one-on-one.

SWEAT SHORTS? REALLY, DUDE? The extra pockets are great, but NO, that's not okay, not even if they have zippers.

Chris "Birdman" Andersen's mom is responsible for her son's first tattoo.

From Victor Oquendo of local10:
Birdmom share many similarities -- height, a laid back attitude and an affinity for tattoos. Holubec's legs are lined with colorful ink-filled flowers. She took her son to get his first tattoo. 
"I think I paid for the first four! It was supposed to have been just one," said Holubec.
Dudes, do you know what would happen to me if I was to get a tattoo, (not that I want one or anything, I can't even stand sharpie ink on my skin. The only exception were those crayola washables, those were awesome and completely regret-free) but I can guarantee you that my parents would have grabbed anything near them, sit me newly inked side up, beat me until the skin slowly splits open, remove it and show it to my brother as a warning. Okay, maybe this is a little exaggerated, I actually have no idea how they would react, it doesn't mean the situation described above can be entirely ruled out as a very real possibility, though. Trust me, I know my parents.

Via: CBS Eye On Basketball

Random NBA .GIF of the Day: The Chris Bosh Face Palm.

Via: @cjzero

Friday, June 14, 2013

Metta World Peace loses shooting contest to 2 year old phenom.

Complaining on every shot is not your thing, Metta. It does, however, belong to the guy on your team that gave himself the weirdest nickname. (Seriously, how many animal profiles did you think "that guy" went through, before settling for something no one knew about until he blessed himself with the name.)

Spurs fan made a giant Spurs pizza.

OH MY GOD. /faints

Dips on the coyote ear.

Via: Reddit

Stephen Jackson freestyle raps on ESPN's First Take.

Stephen Jackson, the only man trill enough to leave a NBA championship contending team because he won't admit that Danny "BAJILLION THREES" Green is better than him. Guess it worked out for the best. Cool raps though.

Chris Bosh's flop on Tim Duncan in Game 4 of the NBA Finals.

That wasn't a flop, guys. T-Rexes have always been known to be super-clumsy, and the Chris Boshasaurus is no different.

Random NBA .GIF of the Day: Gregg Popovich is not mad at Tim Duncan.

He's really not. Via: @CorkGaines
AWWWWW. Bestest bros ever.

LeBron James rejects Tim Duncan at the rim.

HOW DARE YOU DENY MANU GINOBILI OF THE ASSIST, CYBORG LEBRON? YOU MAYBE HALF MACHINE, BUT YOU DO NOT MESS WITH A DEITY. YOU. WILL. PAY. (Hopefully in form of a great Manu Ginobili game, because this could possibly be his last season, ever. SUPERSADFACE.)

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Roy Hibbert has the weirdest elbows.

WHAT THE. Via: Reddit
 Please refrain from dropping a people's elbow on a Mike Tyson mannequin next time, big guy.

(Note: This is the arm that Roy has wrapped up with a sleeve all Eastern Conference Finals long, it's probably just some swelling, elbows do not look like that.)

Iman Shumpert favors his flat top over Norris Cole's.

I am on Team Norris Cole. Norris's hi top fade may not be as tall as Iman's, but at least he doesn't look like the eraser end of a no. 2 pencil. 

Andre Drummond dunks on Chris Brown.

Cool Brandon Knight tribute bros. May he rest in peace forever.

NBA Legend, George Gervins thinks Kevin Durant will be better than him.

I wasn't alive during any of his playing days, but I do remember the destruction I brought upon my friends in "NBA Street Vol. 2 (A.K.A. the greatest video game of all time)" with George Gervin. Maybe one day, Kevin Durant will have his own menu screen in a video game like the "Iceman," hopefully by then, we will have a better nickname for Kevin than "Durantula."

Damian Lillard loses his humility at the acceptance of his NBA Social Rookie Award.

For a relatively boring rookie, in terms of his off-court persona, Damian Lillard did pretty well in this short skit for NBA TV's Social Media Awards.

Stephen Jackson tells his life story, and reveals embarrassing teammate moments.


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Spurs fan shaved Manu Ginobili into the back of his head.

Incredible details, but you missed a (bald) spot. Spurs fans sure love shaving their favorite players into their heads.

One of Richard Hamilton's favorite meals is a bowl of Top Ramen and Cheese Doodles.

GROSS. Via: Richard Hamilton's Instagram
Dude is a NBA Champion and is projected to make 5 million next year, yet one of his favorite dishes ever remains a bowl of Top Ramen and Cheese doodles. Don't get me wrong, I am all about weird food combinations, but even as a person that has had ketchup on just about everything, this is really strange. Why together?