Friday, September 28, 2012

The Miami Heat are hypocrites.

As you all know, NBA is finally implementing a system to prevent flopping, by administering the culprits fines after games.

One of the biggest offenders are the reigning champions Miami Heat, and yes, Clippers you are without a doubt flop city. But a major change this year, without Reggie Evans as one of the core guys, the Clips will definitely take big drop on the offender list.

Today was NBA media day and the coach of the Heat, Erik Spoelstra was asked some critical questions that are recorded by the press in form of tweets.

 Okay, so I better not see Lebron wobbling like top after getting hit.

 But you just said, you are toughening up your guys, what are you trying to say Pat Riley's puppet?

WHOA, of all people, Battier actually called flopping a problem when he is making a legitimate NBA career out of it, that is ridiculous, just like this flop he pulled. (Clip via @basquiatball) 

Sources: @tomhaberstroh and @MiamiHeraldHeat

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