Friday, August 2, 2013

Tony Allen will play lock-down defense against your kids.

Banned from all Summer League games, the Tony Allen story. (Getty Images)
Tony Allen never stops playing defense. From The Oklahoman:
He was on the basketball court, so, naturally, Tony Allen couldn't help himself.
Lathered in sweat, the Memphis Grizzlies’ defensive savant was going hard, grit and grind as he calls it, blocking 10-year-olds and posting up 12-year-olds. 
One kid, who dared attempt to cross up Allen at his own basketball camp — this the first ever in Stillwater — had his pocket picked in a drill, with a playful Allen trash-talking him immediately after the steal: “First-Team All-D, baby, First-Team All-D.” 
“I’m actually catching my breath, because one of the kids was pretty good,” Allen admitted after a spirited 3-on-3 game. “Any time I get on the hardwood, I’m competing 110 percent. I even fouled a kid today. That was a little rough, but I got to win.”
Say what you will about Tony Allen, but I am on his side. Have you blocked a kid before? The thrill of crushing a child's soul, as you reach out and block his shot, while yelling "GET OUT OF MA HOUSE" at the top of your lungs, injecting fear deep into their veins, as you watch them hesitate to come near you. It's really the best feeling in the world. Against kids, I am the greatest basketball player ever and also the worst person ever. My 12 year old cousins will tell you that.

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