Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Steve Nash is still really embarrassed by his cowboy photo with Dirk and Mark Cuban.

From Grantland:
How much do you regret the photo, from all those years ago, with you, Dirk [Nowitzki], and [Mark] Cuban — the one with the cowboy hats? 
Oh my god. I don’t really believe in regret [laughs], but it’s highly embarrassing. That was for [Sports Illustrated]. 
I hadn’t actually remembered which outlet ran that thing. 
I think it was gonna actually be the cover, but it ended up just being an article. It was right when we won our first playoff series. But, yeah, I’m just glad it wasn’t me on someone’s back. But, really, it’s all bad.
Cowboy hats, awkward tween smiles, unnatural poses, and a "Mavericks Intensity" shirt, I can see why Steve is still embarrassed.

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