Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Round Up - February 8th, 2013.

Stats Rundown

Career Milestones: Kyle Korver sets a new Atlanta Hawks franchise record for making a 3 pointer in 43 straight games. Keep in mind, this is only his first year with the team. However, his happy night would come to an end with a loss to the New Orleans Hornets. Led by Grevis Vasquez, who got his first career triple double on 21 points (7 of 15), 11 rebounds and 12 assists, the Hornets snaps their 5 game losing streak on the road.

You can Call it a Comeback: The Los Angeles Lakers came back from a 20 point deficit to defeat the Charlotte Bobcats for the first time at home since 2008. Kobe Bryant had zero points in the first half and would score all of his 20 points in the second. He finished with 6 of 15 shooting, 7 rebounds and 8 assists. Meanwhile, two Bobcats went for double doubles. Byron Mullens got 20 points and 12 rebounds. Gerald Henderson added 20 and 10.

Block of the Year: Gerald Henderson goes for the two stats for one special.


Mighty Beardness: In case you haven't noticed, James Harden has been killing it in Houston. The facial hair wearing man went off for 20 points on a perfect 8 of 8 shooting and 8 assists in just the first half. His totals would come to 35 points (13 of 16), 4 of 5 from three, 7 rebounds and 11 assists in the victory over the Portland Trail Blazers. LaMarcus Aldridge had a good game for his team, scoring 31 points (14 of 23) and grabbing 11 boards. The rookie, Damian only had 18 points but he becomes the first person to score 900 points and hit 100 threes in his first 50 games. I would say his future is pretty bright.

Scruffiness: Congratulations to Jason Kidd, who got his 12,000th assists last night in the win against the Minnesota Timberwolves. This game was close to the end, right until Carmelo decided to be himself and destroy everyone in his way. Melo had a game-high 36 points on 13 of 26 shooting, and 9 rebounds. The Knicks bench completely dominated their opponents, outscoring them 40 to 21. Speaking of the bench, enjoy this hilarious Steve Novak celebration. (Via: @cjzero)
Dunk Goggles: Amare Stoudemire is not hurt anymore, but Greg Stiemsma will be when he catches himself on Sports Center.

Combo Breaker: The Detroit Piston snapped the San Antonio Spurs' 11 game winning streak, despite of Tony Parker's best efforts (31 points and 8 assists). Greg Monroe led the charge with 26 points (9 of 16), 16 rebounds and 5 assists.

Big Man on Campus: In the loss to the Chicago Bulls, Al Jefferson, the lone offensively skilled big in the NBA, dropped 32 points on 15 of 22 shooting to go with his 13 rebounds. 

Miracles: The Toronto Raptors won another close game, you guys. The Indiana Pacers put up a good fight but could not execute at the end to take the win. David West had 30 points (11 of 20), and 8 rebounds. Paul George continues his stellar play with 24 points (8 of 19), 14 rebounds and 5 assists. Just when it seemed like it was over for Toronto, Amir Johnson stepped up and came out of no where to force overtime. His 4 points in 7 seconds will be posted later in the blog. Rudy Gay did not have a great shooting night, going for 9 of 25 for only 23 points, but he made the bucket when it was his turn to save the day.


The Chosen One: LeBron James is in his prime and nobody can stop him. In his last 4 games, he went 43 of 59 from the field, shooting a highly efficient 73 percent. That is 123 points on only 59 attempts. This man is ridiculous. (Via: @EyeOnBasketball)
Against a full, but not healthy Clippers squad, the Heat won by 21 points with ease. LeBron had 30 points (9 of 11), 5 rebounds and 6 assists. Dwayne Wade chipped in for 20 points (8 of 16), 6 rebounds and 7 assists.

#KDISNOTNICE: Kevin Durant will have none of your defensive silliness.

Uncle Drew: His alter-ego, Kyrie Irving will make all of the shots.

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