Friday, February 8, 2013

George Hill, Paul George and Roy Hibbert played dodgeball with their fans.

For a 7 foot 2 guy, Roy Hibbert is not all that bad on his feet, but his size will eventually doom him due to surface area, which he obviously has a lot of. The teams are a little bit unfair, since there is only 3 Pacers participating in this event, which meant that one team would have 2 NBA players. Paul George and George Hill was paired together, making their team already a million times more athletic than Hibbert's. Despite the disadvantages, they were tied up in a best of 3 series, where George Hill will eventually kill everyone. Coming off a back to back to back, it's nice the Pacers would give up rest on their first day off to play dodge ball with the fans. Coaches may not like it, but fans appreciate any interaction with their favorite players.

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