Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Michael Beasley ate chicken and fries before basketball games.

Some players swear by never eating before games and if they do, it will usually be a light snack. But for a few specific individuals, they will have pizza right before the game and maybe go off for 81 points against the Toronto Raptors. Not everyone is the same, in Michael Beasley' case, we might have found why he has not played up to his expectations and it just so happens to be related to food.

From the Hang Time Blog:
As Michael Beasley slammed a chicken tenders basket at his locker about 90 minutes before his Phoenix Suns were to face the Dallas Mavericks on Sunday, he seemed more pleased with the savory french fries than digging up the past yet again.
“These fries are good, man,” Beasley said between shoveling handfuls of the greasy goodness into his mouth.
Have you ever played basketball after eating greasy food? How can you play at your best with your stomach feeling bloated, mouth filled with grease residue and possible constipation? You can't and neither can the former number 2 overall pick.
After rifling through the chicken finger basket and dressing for the game while rapping out loud the inaudible lyrics streaming through his headphones, Beasley managed 12 points on 4-for-10 shooting and four rebounds. He recorded a team-worst minus-17 in 20 minutes and the Suns lost for the 30th time in 45 games.
Stick with the simple carbs, man. I am sure the Suns nutritionist have super foods that can help you perform better, after all this organization did extend Steve Nash's health and revived Grant Hill's career.


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