Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Round Up - January 29th, 2013.

Stats Rundown + Short Recaps

Lights Out: In the absence of Stephen Curry, Andrew Bogut and Harrison Barnes, the Golden State Warriors defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers on 69 percent three point shooting, they were 11 of 16 from beyond the arc. Klay Thompson led the way with a career high 32 points (6 of 8 from three) and 7 rebounds. Jarrett Jack added 26 points and 12 assists. Unfortunately for Cleveland, their savior, Kyrie Irving played with a cold and was unable to drag his team to victory.

Buck Wild: Brandon Jennings must have caught the All Star snub disease, because he could not miss tonight. After scoring only 4 points in the first quarter, Jennings went on a 16-0 run by himself in the second, knocking down a three in four straight possessions. He finished with a game-high 30 points (11 of 19), 2 rebounds and 6 assists. In spite of the 27 point loss, the Pistons were able to find a bright light in Andre Drummond. The rookie from UCONN had 18 points and 18 rebounds off the bench, making him the youngest to ever achieve this feat. Maybe Lawrence Frank will finally give him some quality minutes, I mean how can you not, after watching him grab a double double in 11 minutes.

New Formula: So apparently if Kobe passes the basketball, the Lakers will win whether they play defense or not. According to a small sample size of 3 games, which the Lakers have won, when Kobe has 10+ assists, the team is undefeated. Okay, enough of the sarcasm. This is Kobe's first time since 2009 to have 3 straight 10+ assists games. He has combined for 39 assists over this period, which is the most he has had in a 3 game stretch. Just so you know, we now live in a world where Steve Nash grabs more rebounds than Dwight Howard, Dwight Howard scores more points than Kobe and Kobe hands out more dimes than Nash. It's confusing, I know. Eric Gordon had a great game, he got 25 points on 7 of 12 shooting, and 6 of 8 from the three in the Hornets' (Pelicans) 30th loss of the season.

Don't Call it a Comeback: Down 21 points in the third quarter, the Portland Trail Blazers managed to put together a late run to comeback for the victory against the Dallas Mavericks. Dirk Nowitzski had his best game of the season last night with 26 points (11 of 21), 4 rebounds and 4 assists. However, he would get shown up by the double headed dragon of Portland. LaMarcus Aldridge had 29 points (12 of 20), 13 rebounds and two of the most important shots in the game, while J.J Hickson went for 26 points and 15 rebounds. The last 30 seconds of this game is absolutely bonkers. Words can not describe how crazy it was, so it is better if you just watch it below.

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