Monday, November 12, 2012

Phoenix Suns sings to Flo Rida' Whistle.

What is better than getting NBA players to sing to a song that is full of sexual innuendos and highly inappropriate for radio? Well, you get Foreign players from the Suns (And there is a lot of them) to do it. I hope the Suns can tolerate Michael Beasley's singing, because his ex-foreign teammate Ricky Rubio hated it, but he was definitely not the worst in the video.

Jermaine O'neal looking happy was not exactly how I remembered him growing up. It is super weird to see a guy that everyone referred to as a thug, to actually sing "This is going to be fun" (To be fair, he seems to have let loose at the near end of his career). And what is with Sebastian Telfair, for a guy that has been in the NBA for quite some time, I am not sure I have seen anyone more awkward on camera than him, good smile though, bro.

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