Monday, November 12, 2012

The Round Up - November 11th, 2012

Stats Rundown:

You probably have not heard of his name, but Wayne Ellington is giving you one hell of a reason to remember him. Coming off the bench of the Memphis Grizzlies, this man dropped 25 points on the reigning NBA champions, shooting 7 for 11 from 23 feet out (three point land).

Board Monster: Kris Humphries grabbed 21 basketball misses in the victory over the Orlando Magic.

Block Party: Serge I-BLOCK-A swatted at everything today and got him 7 blocks.

Butter Fingers: Russell Westbrook doing Russell Westbrook things, turning the ball over 8 times today, but still got 27 points (10 of 16 shooting), 10 assists, 4 steals, 6 rebounds and the win over the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Rookie Watch: No Notable performances.

Time Machine User: Kobe Bryant is still killing it, 20 points, 6 rebounds, 6 assists and the W over the shorthanded Sacramento Kings.

7 Seconds or less: Mike D'Antoni signed a 4 year contract to be the Head Coach of the Los Angeles Lakers. Out goes the defense. (Firing a defensive coach (Mike Brown) and then hiring a offensive specialist, makes it clear that the Lakers have no idea what they are doing.)

Hops: DeAndre Jordan trying to top Gerald Green with his own mid air still. DJ is 6' 11". (Via: @NBA)


Veteran's Day (Remembrance Day) Headband is awesome: Dwight Howard trying the Frank Ocean look on court. (Via: @cjzero)

Threes on Threes on Threes: Memphis Grizzlies were on fire behind the arc, hitting 14 three pointers, which is the most they have made in a game over the last 5 seasons. (They ARE the Grizzlies after all.) (Via: @tomhaberstroh)

6 Points in 4 seconds: CJ Watson doing his best Reggie Miller impression. (It was against the Magic though.)

Grit N Grind Defense: Jerryd Bayless making a huge play, first turning the ball over to Ray Allen and then making a ridiculous block to pay for his mistake, leading to one of Wayne Ellington's 7 three pointers.

Highlight of the Night: Rudy Gay completely punking LeBron James.

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