Friday, November 30, 2012

A Quick Round Up - November 29th, 2012.

Stats Rundown:

David Lee was unstoppable in Oracle Arena, 31 points (13 of 15 shooting), 9 rebounds, 1 steal, and a block against the Denver Nuggets.

Block Party: Kenneth Faried pinned every single Warrior shot into the backboard with his 5 blocks in the loss. He also had 10 points and 7 rebounds.

Game Winner: Ray Allen did Ray Allen things and once again, LeBron finds Jesus Shuttlesworth for the game sealing dagger against the San Antonio Spurs B team.

Nice Try, Old Man.: Mike Miller at his current age and condition actually attempted a fast break lay up and of course gets embarrassed by a dude signed for 10 day contract. Stick to shooting, dude.

Funny Notes: Following Joey Crawford's hilarious high stepping, this ref decided add a little flavor to his blocking foul call. More ref fun, the officials at the Golden State Warriors game blatantly missed a momentum shifting call, that gave the Warriors a free bucket. Erik Spoelstra wasn't too happy with the Heat and Coach Karl had a bandage on top of his head because he hit himself trying to close the car trunk.

Sager Suit: North Caroline Blue? (Via: @cjzero)

Gregg "The Troll Master" Popovich: Coach Pop was having a trolling spree today, first he sent Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili and Danny Green home for some rest. Then he trolled the media and Charles Barkley. He almost got away with trolling David Stern too, but his second unit failed this one on the road, and he could possibly face an undeserving severe punishment. Oh yea, he also joked with LeBron too.

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