Friday, November 30, 2012

Notes: San Antonio Spurs vs. Miami Heat [11/29/12]

Miami Heat 105 - San Antonio Spurs 100

The Good

Heat: They didn't get embarrassed on their home floor by a San Antonio Spurs B team.

Spurs: This is still a Spurs basketball team and can definitely hold their own. Their flawless, unselfish ball movement, although sometimes unnecessary wreaked havoc among the Miami defense. They read the Heat infamous ball handler trap quick and rewarded the screen slipping Tiago Splitter. The Brazilian's height did cause match up problems for the opponent bigs, unfortunately he did not get the ball as much as he would have liked.

Everyone on this team can shoot, especially when they are wide open. All it took was some dribble penetration to draw attention for kick outs to patient shooters and the buckets naturally fell. The 10 three pointers they had in this game kept it interesting, but at the end of the day, they are just a bunch of good back up players.

The Bad

Heat: This team has yet to find their title earning defense, they look sluggish, and are always a step slower. Losing Shane Battier is a huge hit, his versatility on this end of the floor covers up a lot of holes the Miami exposes in their risky approaches. Wrinkle head's importance is irreplaceable, even more so when they have to play the defensively challenged Rashard Lewis in his place.

Dwyane Wade has not been the same player ever since he switched shoe brands, he looks old and beaten up. I am sure he will find himself somewhere in the season, but as of right now, he is a liability on defense, (just a bystander in transition) and has not proven to be a reliable offense tool.

Is it just me or are you sick of LeBron James just not going 100 percent until his team is down in the fourth quarter. This was a game that should have ended early and quickly. I understand that he wants do more than just score for his team. However if your team is on the brink of losing to second unit team, just because you want to pass the ball when you have the ability to get to the basket at will and draw 2 million fouls, you should really reconsider your game. There are times when a Superstar has to take a game over by himself. We saw already saw that in you, in the game 6 of that Boston series and the 32 point second half against the Houston Rockets. Now, we want you to hone that beast, and unleash it in the right circumstances. For God's sake, you had the chubby Boris Diaw, although a solid defender, is too slow-footed to guard you. You could have gotten right past him even if you go at half speed.

Spurs: No Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili or Danny Green. They lost and might get an undeserving punishment from David Stern, because no one out trolls the commissioner.

Oh, and Gary Neal might just be one of the worst defenders ever, he makes a 37 year old Ray Allen look like a good off the dribble, attack the basket type of player, something I can't type without giggling like one of those kids on Barney.

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