Thursday, November 29, 2012

Notes: Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Los Angeles Clippers [11/28/12]

Los Angeles Clippers 101 - Minnesota Timberwolves 95

The Good

Clippers: They got to play at their ideal pace, quick and against unsettled defense. They had 22 fast break points and 54 points in the paint. Chris Paul was allowed to dissect the floor with ease against the Minnesota point guards. He could have taken way more shots, but that is not his game, he uses his vision to create for others.

DeAndre Jordan anchored the spectacular interior defense, his length and shot blocking neutralized the opponent bigs. The Clippers have steadily improved their defense, helping just enough in the paint while keeping their assignment close to bother their shot.

Wolves: They grabbed 52 rebounds (21 Offensive, 10 more than the Clips) to keep themselves in the game. Alexey Shved was huge off the bench, his 17 points proves that he is more than suitable to start over the inconsistent Malcolm Lee, who is not the defensive stopper Adelman thinks he is. The Wolves defense is good enough to get stops, it is the offense that needs help. Besides, Shved's length alone is enough to bother most guards. At least Adelman stopped the J.J. Barea and Luke Ridnour combo.

The Bad

Clippers: The Clippers rarely get out rebounded by such a large margin, needs to box out and stop the guards from creeping in to steal the rebound.

Wolves: Obviously injuries, Andrei Kirklenko would definitely change the results of this game. Without AK, the Wolves are forced to put Pekovic out in the high post. His limited passing ability and inability to knock down the 15 footer does not do anything productive for the Wovles. Back door cuts were Minnesota's bread and butter when AK is on the floor because he can space it so well. Kevin Love is still not in game shape or perfect health. He only contributed by getting to the line 8 times and has Ronny Turiaf's love of jumping at every single pump fake to thank for. I also thought he was too PASSive, he looked to pass too often and usually holds on to the ball long enough for a double team to come, resulting in an ugly possession. To sum it up,  20 turnovers and 38 points in the paint is not a formula for success against a team that thrives in transition.

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