Monday, October 1, 2012

Nobody likes Michael Beasley.

Photo by Elsa, Getty Images
It is not just you T'Wolves fans, looks like both Rick Adelman and Ricky Rubio wanted Beasley gone.

From an interview with Coach Adelman (Via SB Nation):
"Yes, Michael has been good. I get along with him. But I don't think we'll be a championship team with him. If I put Michael in, Michael can score, but he doesn't play any defense and he forgets the other offensive players, and I just can't tolerate that under my system because the other players are just standing around."
That was the most perfectly put description of Michael Beasley ever, if any team wants to sign him after he wants out of Phoenix, someone should just out that quote in his resume.

The battering does not stop there, from an interview with Ricky Rubio (Via BDL):
"...I love when you are in a team and you get to the locker room and just hear voices laughing,'' Rubio said. ''We don't have Beasley anymore so we don't have to hear him singing songs. But it's going to be fun.''
Ricky, I don't think Beasley is the only one that can't sing on the Timberwolves, as a matter of fact, this youtube gem proves no body on the roster can sing, at ALL.

I hope that they made a highlight compilation of Michael Beasley hogging the ball with the "Bye Bye Bye" by N'Sync for his departure.

Sources: Yahoo BDL, SB Nation, Bleacher Report (picture)

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