Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Roy Hibbert does not approve of the Indiana Pacers' summer league t-shirt jerseys.

NOPE. Photos via: @PacersDMB
Seriously NBA, when are you going to take a hint and realize that these abominations you call "jerseys," will never be a thing? I mean even if the NBA players didn't think they were ugly (which they do), who are you trying to sell them to? Authentic t-shirt jerseys would be great, but why would fans spend an extra hundred dollars, when they could buy the same t-shirt at a lower price, with less holes in them. Team 100% cotton.

Thankfully, this is just for the summer league. Roy Hibbert and his team are fortunately not one of the select few that will adopt the t-shirt jerseys in the NBA season. Too bad the same can not be said for the Warriors and Suns.

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