Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Kent Bazemore is getting motion-captured for bench reactions in NBA 2K14.

I know what I said about NBA video games, but I am now totally getting this. Motion captured bench reactions—you know I have my team of All-NBA bench performers ready.

At guards: Kent "The bench-nergizer (Because he keeps going and going)" Bazemore, and Patty "Towel Guy" Mills.

At forward: Ronny "The Mad Man" Turiaf

At center: Karate expert, Robert Sacre

And for the remaining empty spots, I am taking the Denver Nuggets to fill up the rest of the roster.

Boom, I just made the internet dream team. (You are more than welcome to borrow this team, but only if you name it after me. It's only the right thing to do.)

Via: Ronny2K Instagram

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