Sunday, June 9, 2013

Udonis Haslem once tried to cheat off of fellow Gator, Matt Bonner, on a test.

From Ira Winderman of Sun Sentinel:
Q.  Spurs forward Matt Bonner, a former Florida teammate, calls you the toughest guy that he's ever known.  Do you ever mix it up with him in practice real good or in a game?  Any incidents or anything like that? 
A:  "We banged a little bit.  But obviously he stayed on the perimeter and I was down low.  We banged a little bit.  If I'm the toughest guy he knows, then he's definitely the smartest guy I know. If I'm not mistaken, he actually dropped a class because he got a B, which I would have gave my left arm for a B. And he dropped the class for a B.  I thought he was nuts." 
Q.  He didn't tutor you at all? 
A: "No.  It was a funny story.  I said I was joking with him.  I said Matt, I got . . .  I can't remember what class it was.  And I said I'm going to sit by you and I'm going to look at your paper.  He said, 'No, you're not, but I'll help you study.' I was like, 'Get the hell out of here.  I can study on my own.  I don't need you to study.' "
Good ol' straight laced Matt Bonner. He just can't do any wrong.

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