Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Metta World Peace interrupts Dwight Howard's interview.

Tonight is Dwight Howard's first night back in Orlando since the whole Dwightmare incident that led to a meltdown of a fan base, so it is going to be pretty emotional for the big fella, seeing that he spent his first 8 years as a member of the Magic. The fans on the other hand, will experience an entire different set of emotion, one that will probably translate to pure hate and anger. Dwight will likely have his hands full and should history repeat itself, like in all ex-Magic players' return to the city, he will not be expecting a warm welcome. In spite of these times, during the media session that revolved around Dwight and Orlando, Metta World Peace would help out his teammate and take a load off his heavy set shoulders. And of course he wouldn't be MWP, if he didn't interrupt the rather serious interview to offer comic relief as the worst hypeman ever.

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