Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Chris Bosh is one of those rare human beings that still calls Ray Allen by his given first name.

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images
Did you guys know that Ray is not actually the given first name of the NBA's best shooter, but rather his middle name? And do you know what is even more surprising about all of this? His real first name is Walter, which seems ill-fitting because we have known him as Ray Allen for about the last 2 decades and it just flows right. But that doesn't stop Chris Bosh from calling his teammates by the name of the Breaking Bad character.

From 20 questions with Ray Allen in the Miami Herald:
Does anyone call you by your real name - Walter? 
"My college friends do. And now Chris Bosh, for some reason."
Of course, Chris Bosh would do something like that, we don't expect anything less from him at this point. He is probably doing it as some sort of guilt thing to get the others to call him by his full name "Christopher Wesson Bosh," because it totally makes his name sound way fancier. That, or he could just be really weird, which makes just about the same amount of sense.

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