Monday, February 4, 2013

Why we should all want Matt Bonner to shoot at the 3-Point Contest.

Soobum Im/USA Today
Matt Bonner has longed for the invite to partake in the All-Star 3 point shoot out since the beginning of his NBA career. Despite shooting a career 42 percent from behind the arc, he was never once asked to participate. Whether it maybe due to the fact that he is not the most interesting person on and off the court (to which I disagree), has red hair and wears the last existing pair of New Balance basketball shoes on the planet, I don't know. All I know is that it will be criminal if he gets refused again in the upcoming All Star weekend. It is especially criminal now that he revealed what he plans to do if selected.

From SLAM:
Since I grew up in New England worshiping Larry Bird, I fantasize of some day winning on the final “money ball”. I’d then pay homage to my childhood hero by walking off the court with my index finger held high in the air…short shorts and all. Of course, I realize that even if I were picked, the chances of that scenario actually playing out are about as good as Deer Tick’s chances of winning a Grammy this year (which they should!). Alas, a man can dream.
This needs to happen, maybe letting your hair grow out into a Larry Bird mullet will increase your chances. No one can say no to a red mullet and nothing can attract more attention than that. The short-shorts will help too.

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