Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The NBA ordered Joakim Noah to change his sweater.

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Sidelined by injury, Joakim Noah had to watch his team play the Indiana Pacers without him. Like most broadcasts, when a key player is out, they tend to zoom in on that player's face, while explaining to the audiences at home what injury caused him to sit out. He was first caught wearing a sports jacket-sweater-V-neck tee combo earlier in the game, but fast forward a quarter later, a strange thing happened. Noah was shown in the second half to have changed into a striped dress shirt. So now the question is, why did he change from his Portland-inspired look to a business casual?

Well according to @NickFriedell, the Chicago Bulls beat writer, this is what happened.
 Is it just me, or is the first look way more fitting? That ill-combination of clothing just works for a guy like Joakim Noah.

Update: Joakim agrees with me.

From ESPN:

When asked about the wardrobe change.
"That's not really my style," he said. "But I want to be out there with my guys."
He also switched out of his black suit blazer and borrowed Randy Brown's blue blazer. Apparently the sweater was the problem under the league’s fashion code of conduct
I guess David Stern has found his post-retirement career. He will become the first member of the NBA fashion police. I can see him on his little segway now, dragging his tiny plump body across the league to force players in inappropriate attire to change their clothes. Naturally, the job will belong to Russell Westbrook after his retirement. Just imagine a league that is styled by Westbrook, it would be the best thing ever. No color of the spectrum will ever go untouched again.

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