Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Shane Battier dunked a basketball. In a real game. On a regulation hoop.

This is so weird, guys. Normally, when a 6ft 8 basketball player can dunk the basketball, it is no big deal. But when that 6ft 8 guy happens to be 3,000 year old Shane Battier, a man that is known for being hard nosed defender, while being totally athletically underwhelming, slams one home, everyone goes crazy and deservedly so. According to Tom Haberstroh of ESPN, this is Shane Battier's first dunk as a member of the Miami Heat.
That is almost 4 years. Who knew his brittle old bones could still support his body at this age. It is a miracle, really. And I think Shane knows that too.
If this is indeed, his last dunk, I am glad he got to put a little "ummf" on it with the leg tuck.

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