Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Russell Westbrook trolls another reporter in his post game interview.

Via: @talkhoops
After a loss to the Utah Jazz on Tuesday night, Russell Westbrook stood in his locker room to answer a few questions from the media. Everything started off well, questions were answered as they were intended and Russell didn't express any displeasure during the course of the interview. That was until, one reporter asked him whether the Thunder lost this game or the Jazz won this game," and Russell had a few words for him.

Russell did not do anything wrong, he can refuse to answer any question, but the n-bomb at the end was totally unnecessarily funny. In his defense, if you are actually not on his side, the question asked was a common vague question that bait players to say certain things to make a headline. It is unfair and if Coach Pop was there, I swear he would have slapped the bejeezus out of the reporter dude.

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