Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Chris Bosh could not get high fives from Mario Chalmers and Ray Allen.

Via: @cjzero
Mario Chalmers and Ray Allen didn't leave Chris Bosh hanging because they didn't see him. They were more than aware of the situation, which was exactly why they didn't give him five. You see, Chris Bosh, as talented as he is a basketball player, doesn't have the greatest hand eye coordination. He suffers from a disease called "botcheveryhighfiveosis." It is rare condition that only occurs in 1/7 billion people, making him the sole person on Earth to be unable to complete high-fives in multiple scenarios. Mario and Ray were only trying to save Bosh from an unwanted exchange. They didn't know that it just made Bosh look weirder.

A brief history of Bosh's "botcheveryhighfiveosis."

Number one: Uphigh, down lo...TOO SLOW. (Via: Funny or Die)
Number two: AIR-BALL. (Via: Gifulmination)
Number three: This is the exact reason why fans believed that Bosh used to be a dinosaur. Not because he played for the Raptors, but for the inability to control their arms. Seriously, it's like he got them a few days ago.

As of now, there is no cure for "botcheveryhighfiveosis," and no research is planned to be done. Hopefully it stays that way, because these moments are priceless.

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