Saturday, February 23, 2013

Phoenix Suns Coach, Lindsey Hunter stares down Michael Beasley after an airball.

To say that this season for the Phoenix Suns has been nothing but utter disappointment is an understatement. They are the worst team in the West. Their roster does not make the slightest sense. And the worst part of it all, is that there are no noticeable pieces on this team that other teams would be interested to trade for. When they first signed Michael Beasley, they thought the former number 2 pick would be able to thrive in a system as the go to scorer. So far, that experiment has not worked out for them. Beasley is averaging a career low in just about every single category. There are no more "potentials" to live up to anymore, this is who he is and it won't get any better. You would think Lindsey Hunter would know better by now, but 56 games into the season and he is still in disbelief that Supercool Beas would throw up an air ball in a 25 point loss.

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