Sunday, February 17, 2013

NBA All-Star Saturday Wrap Up.

Coming into this NBA All-Star Saturday, expectations were high, especially for the dunk contest. Unfortunately, the fans were left a little disappointed once again. It's alright though, the point of the All-Star weekend was to have fun and despite the minor complications with the new scoring system, the night was still entertaining. For those of you that missed it or were unable to catch the festivities, here's a short recap.
Terrence Ross, 2013 Slam Dunk Champion. Via: Instagram
Sears Shooting Stars: Usually, this event is a snooze fest, but as you all know, anything Chris Bosh is in, automatically becomes the most interesting contest of the night. In the first round, Russell Westbrook's team advanced into the finals with the fastest time among all of the squads. For the East, it was Chris Bosh's team that continued to the next round, where they would come out on top and become the eventual champions. Chris Bosh, of course went insane. (Via: SB Nation)

Taco Bell Skills Challenge: This always comes to down to the player that tries the hardest. And this time it happened to be Damian Lillard, who defeated Jrue Holiday in the finals with a time of 29.8 seconds. Tony Parker, the defending champion finished with the worst time of the night. Dude was totally tanking so he won't get invited back for next year.

Foot Locker Three Point Contest: After a whole month of campaigning for Matt Bonner, the Red Rocket, now Mamba has left me utterly devastated. He led the first round with a score of 19. but would only improve to 20 in the finals against Kyrie Irving. Irving caught on fire in the second round, scoring 23 points, 2 short of tying the record in the victory. If only Matt wore his custom Red Mamba warm-ups, then maybe he would have won. (Via: @cjzero)

I am still mad at Kyrie.

Sprite Slam Dunk: You would think that with all the hype surrounding this event, the dunk contest would actually meet expectations for once. Actually this never happens. Every year we fall into the trap of thinking the dunk contest will be a spectacular event, but it never changes. Thanks a lot, Vince Cater. You really ruined this competition for the future contestants.

Anyway, this wasn't the prettiest of all contests, it started off slow and picked up a little at the end. It definitely didn't help that almost every dunk required more than 5 attempts until completion. In the end, it was Terrence Ross of the Toronto Raptors, who took home the trophy for probably being the only one that finished his dunks with the least attempts. Defending Champion, Jeremy Evans was the runner up.

Here are the night's best dunks from each of the contestants.

Gerald Green: The former dunk champion started off great, but just couldn't pull off the difficult stunts he planned.

James White: The man who once dunked from the free throw line, while putting the ball between his legs failed to show up on the biggest stage. That is what you get for not practicing your dunks and doing them on the fly. So much for that guaranteed win.

Kenneth Faried: To be fair he is every definition of an in-game dunker.

Eric Bledsoe: Nice try, little guy.

Jeremy Evans: It was close, at least you pulled off a dunk, no one has ever done. You didn't have to brag about your painting skills though.

Terrence Ross: How can you not win when you dunked over the son of the CEO of Twitter.

Oh, by the way, if you were keeping count, I was completely off with all of my predictions. None of them were correct and I will now return in to the sad, dark corner of my room and weep until the sun comes up.

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