Saturday, February 16, 2013

NBA All-Star Friday Wrap Up.

If you tuned into the festivities of NBA All-Star Friday, it is likely that you were left disappointed. But there were still some fun parts, and for those who missed it, I will catch you up to speed.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images
Sprint NBA All-Star Celebrity Game: Imagine if you were watching a bunch of out of shape dudes playing at your local YMCA. This game was exactly that, except those dudes were famous (some obviously more than others, because I had no idea who half of them were) and they played with a couple of WNBA and retired NBA players who never bothered to try. It was as ugly as a game of basketball can get. No team scored over 60 points, the game was never close and Kevin Hart was just flat out annoying. The antics (yelling at refs, verbally harassing other players and flopping around) was funny at first, but it got to the point where it was unbearable. You could hear him say something stupid in every possession. Anyway, the West (Hart's team) coached by James Harden defeated Russell Westbrook's east squad 58 to 38. I am not going to post stats because it would mean sinking to a new low in my life and I can't possibly afford to go any lower after spending 2 hours of my time to watch this. Kevin Hart took home the MVP award and the satisfaction of beating Usain Both in a foot race.

This was what Russell Westbrook wore for his first coaching gig. For our future's sake, please never let him coach another game. (Via: Facebook)

James Harden's outfit wasn't any better. He wore pink socks with his black and white snake-skinned shoes.

Since we are on the topic of fashion, here are some of the worst from last night.

Carmelo wore a Trinidad James inspired all gold shirt. (Via: nyknicks)

Chandler Parsons wore his dad's suit from the 80's. (Via: @ChandlerParsons)

Blake Griffin, his friend/fellow NBA player had a few words for the sophomore.
To which Parsons replied with an attack on one of Griffin's KIA commercial.
And then we have the worst of them all. Craig Sager really knows how to put clothes without caring how they actually look. I am really glad he made a career out of it, I would have given up and burned all my clothes if Kevin Garnett ever told me to do so. (Via: @jose3030)

Okay, moving on.

BBVA Rising Stars Challenge: Remember when this game used to be a dunk contest, where guys just kept throwing lobs to each other until the clock expired? I did and was not slightly pleased when this challenge turned into a 3 point shoot out from the start. The heavy favorite Team Shaq, led by Kyrie Irving and Damian Lillard were crushed by Team Chuck's Kenneth Faried and their 17 three pointers. Team Chuck shot 64 percent from the field and knocked down their threes at a ridiculous 53 percent. If they didn't get a dunk, a three will fall through the hoop. Yea, the defense, as you can tell was obviously in game 7 lock-down mode. The contest was relatively boring until Kyrie Irving happened, but it could have been way better, had they not a launch a three at every single opportunity. Kenneth Faried took the MVP trophy home. He had a game-high (unofficial career high) 40 points on 18 of 22 shooting and 10 boards. He is doing big things for the dread lock movement and I am really looking forward to see more players don the look. The final score was 163-135 in favor of Team Chuck. Their score of 163 shattered the previous record for the most points scored by a team in 2007, where the Sophomores finished with 155 points.


Yesterday's Special: Served by Dion, the Waiter.

Fancy: Ricky Rubio still won't throw a normal pass.

Russian Air: Alexey Shved is way more athletic than we all thought.

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