Monday, February 18, 2013

Matt Bonner was distracted by Drake and Nick Cannon during the 3 Point Contest.

Eric Gay/AP Photo
Matt Bonner's successful internet campaign that got him into the 3 Point Contest was the fans' first triumph over the tradition NBA rules. We made Matt's dream into a reality and it was great. But it was supposed to be a bigger victory for the internet, had our second favorite (Sorry, Scal > everyone) red head won in the finals of the contest instead of falling to Kyrie Irving, who no one thought would win. His loss was inexcusable, victory was promised implied, and jokes like this after disappointing your fans doesn't help your case. We can't forgive you that easily.

From 48 Minutes of Hell:
"You do everyting you can to prepare for it, but when you're shooting and you Drake sitting right next to you and Nick Cannon from America's Got Talent's right there and it makes you a little nervous.
Okay, I get the Drake part, but Nick Cannon, really? I am more convinced that his "hosting" was what cost you the competition. And I can't bring myself to believe that you actually listen to Drake's music. I thought you were a man of better taste, Matt. Maybe you weren't who I thought you were.

If you can't tell already, yes, I am still sad and bitter over the loss. Matt, it's okay dude, I still love you and your sweet stache. Hope you will have a chance to redeem yourself next year.

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