Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The World's One and Only Charlie Villanueva Tattoo.

Via: Detroit Bad Boys
You might ask who in their right minds would get a Charlie Villanueva tattoo, a player that has never found success in the NBA and once grabbed media attention for being a victim of  Kevin Garnett's trash talking (KG called him a cancer patient, due to Charlie's inability to grow hair). Sure, he once averaged 16 points per game for Milwaukee in the 08-09' season, but since then, those numbers have dramatically dropped. Personally, I don't have a fond memory of Mr. Charlie V. His days in Toronto were infuriating, because he falls into another one of the Raptors' long list of failed draft picks. With a 7th pick in the 2005 draft, Toronto could have picked up David Lee, just sayin'.

Who knows why the man above had a Charlie V. tattooed on him, maybe he is simply paying tribute to Charlie for speaking up for people with Alopecia universalis (a disease that causes rapid hair loss on every part of your body). That, or he got really drunk one day and his friends thought it was funny.

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