Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Brian Scalabrine torched everyone in the Scallenge.

Well, what do you know, as if you expected anything else, Brian Scalabrine annihilated anyone that dared to question his supremacy on the hardwood. The footage itself was not as appealing as it was in the trailer, but why wouldn't you want to watch your favorite garbage minute man play basketball.

From CBS Boston:
Scalabrine — who spent the last few seasons of his career seen as the “human victory cigar” — easily defeated all four of his opponents, throwing down monstrous jams and sinking smooth jumpers as he beat them all by a combined score of 44-6.

If you don't have 30 minutes to spare or would rather not watch an out of shape ex-NBA player destroy his competition, here's a short recap of the event.
First up was Matt Tomaszewski, a Syracuse alum that spent time on Jim Boeheim’s bench last season. Though his resume was impressive, he was no match for Scalabrine. ... it was as close as 7-3 after a nifty hook shot from Tomaszewski, Scal finished him off by attacking the basket, and walked away with his first victory of the day by a score of 11-3.

Scal had no problems with his next two opponents, Jake Fay of Lynn and Rich Morantus of Foxboro. Neither scored a point, as Scal posted back-to-back shutouts.
In conclusion, all you need to know is that no matter how bad an NBA player was in his career, you can not beat him even after retirement. The White Mamba did everyone a favor today, standing up for all of the NBA busts. Proving that a bench warmer can take on 4 one on one games consecutively and still crush the competition.

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  1. Brian Scali is the GOAT... No debate