Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Nick Collison reveals what his Thunder teammates do on the plane.

In most NBA plane stories, it involves players sleeping, getting their picture taken while sleeping, and embarrassed on Twitter by their teammates. In other situations, a lot of gambling occurs on the plane, NBA players have an excessive amount of money, so it only makes sense they make their travel as enjoyable as possible, at least until someone doesn't pay up and they start fighting. The Oklahoma City Thunder are a unique team, and has some weird personalities. As one of the younger teams in the NBA, they often set unofficial new trends on and off the court, which includes things to do on plane rides as well. I will let Nick Collison, one of the more normal members of the Thunder to fill you in with the deets, or in this case, tweets.

From GQ:

@nickcollison4 What really goes on during team plane rides?
I'm on the plane right now, so let me fill you in. Kendrick Perkins is knitting a sweater. He's really into knitting. Scarves, sweaters, mittens, etc. Russell has his pottery wheel out again. It makes a mess but it helps him relax after games. He made me a vase. It's sooooo dope. Hasheem, Reggie, Perry, DeAndre and Jeremy Lamb are in a heated debate over which budget cuts congress needs to make in a debt reduction deal. Actually, it's kind of hard for me to write with all the yelling. Serge is painting a portrait of Thabo while Thabo paints a portrait of Serge painting a portrait of him. KD and Eric are playing Jenga, while all the coaches shoot dice.

I am pretty sure he's joking, because I can't possibly believe any of that. I am not doubting the possibility of their hidden artistic talents but some of those things don't work on the plane. Jenga and painting (I am guessing on canvas) is impossible with the turbulence. But I can totally see Russell Westbrook wearing his hipster glasses, and some sort a fancy scarf with a beret on his head doing pottery. Seems like very normal thing for Russell to do.

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