Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Indiana Pacers "Bountygate," players were rewarded for keeping opponents under a certain score.

In latest NBA scandal, the Indiana Pacer confessed to putting a bounty in a game on Tuesday. Well, sort of. In the game where the Pacers defeated the Charlotte Bobcats in 103-76 blowout, Roy Hibbert offered a sum of money to his teammates to make things interesting, which in Pacers term, more boring, because they are the best team in league in turning games into an ugly mess.

From Curt Cavin of IndyStar:
Roy Hibbert realized during a late time out Tuesday night that the struggling Charlotte Bobcats might not score 80 points.
His mouthed opened and out came a challenge.
Keep the Bobcats in the 70s, Hibbert instructed the five reserve players checked in the game. It's worth $100 per man.
Bench players can always use the extra money, and it's really no harm to the highest paid Pacer. As we all know Roy is flushed with cash.

Had to throw in the Parks and Rec reference. (Video has NSFW language)

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