Saturday, January 26, 2013

Kevin McHale is not a fan of the New Orleans Pelicans.

I can't blame Coach Kevin McHale, for his reaction. Anyone would react this way upon learning about the name change. Sure, you can make your jokes now, but when a Pelican walks up to you, there is only a 1% chance where you won't immediately soil yourself. If not, you will after learning a few things about these diabolical aquatic birds. Pelicans are hyper-carnivores, which means they don't eat anything that doesn't bleed. Imagine if you were stuck inside the pouch of that gigantic beak. Fighting aimlessly to get out of the bird's mouth, knowing that your time on Planet Earth is up. And then somehow, slowly swallowed into their body. This would have been your fate (video).

I won't be be surprised at all if you haven't already added a little brown to your pants. It is only natural.

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