Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Heat fan won a hug from LeBron James and $75,000 for making a half court shot.

Last night, at the Detroit Pistons vs. Miami Heat game, Michael Drysch became the luckiest man alive. Not only was he given a chance to shoot from half court to win $75,000, he actually made the basket. On top of all of that, he won a hug from the best basketball player in the world from his favorite team. There is no greater moment for a NBA fan than winning a large sum of money and sharing that glorious moment with your beloved athlete. While I am not sure why he went with the unconventional hook shot, instead of the regular heave or underrated granny shot (so underrated), it worked and everyone is happy. Well, except for that guy in Atlanta, who landed a more difficult task of getting the ball stuck on the rim from half court and only got to fill his pockets with $5,000 dollars.

Congratulations Michael, you were lucky that Russell Westbrook wasn't around to block your shot like he did with the Denver Nuggets mascot, because that would be a real shame.

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