Thursday, January 10, 2013

Jeremy Lin is a member of the Red Dragon Gang.

You think you know everything about Jeremy Lin after he exploded into the NBA with an amazing 2 weeks of elite level play for the New York Knicks. Well, there is more to his story, on the surface he might be a religious, hard working Harvard graduate that went undrafted out of the Ivy League and found his place in the Association during the perfect circumstances for his success. But what you didn't know was that he is a current active member of the notoriously fictional Red Dragon Gang. After a head to head collision with Larry Sanders of the Milwaukee Bucks in a game on Friday, he bled his gang logo on the side of his head.

Via: @jose3030
It is not known what the Red Dragon Gang actually does, there are however, possible affiliates or other members in the NBA. According to the Basketball Index in my head, Andrei Kirilenko supposedly one of the leaders of the gang. As shown on his massive dragon tattoo, leaders are the ones riding the dragons. (Shout out to Carlos Delfino's bicep dragon.)

Via: @vicback
Even though his tattoo is based off his World of Warcraft character, it doesn't mean he is not part of the gang. Wait, it could just mean that the Red Dragon Gang might just a guild name and not a real gang, which would probably make more sense.

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