Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Few On-Air slip ups from Kenneth Faried and Matt Harpring from last night.

If you have a television or any idea how sports broadcasting works, you know that game are live and people make mistakes. These mistakes depending on severity can cost your job, but in most cases they make for hilarious YouTube clips.

Fresh off the victory over the Orlando Magic, Kenneth Faried was a little surprised to hear that he finished with a ridiculous 19 points and 19 boards in the Pepsi Center.

Nothing really unacceptable, as long as you don't go Shaq mode, you won't run into problems anytime soon.

Kenneth Faried wasn't the only one though, Matt Harpring, a player turned "Analyst," accidentally confessed to drinking an alcoholic beverage during the Charlotte Bobcats vs. Utah Jazz game, which is understandable. If working for the Bobcats doesn't entitle you to alcohol, why is anyone working for them, am I right?

Nice recovery Matt, you totally did not make things worst.

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