Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Video of Matt Bonner hitting trick shots all over the Spurs practice facility.

Matt Bonner is the best. He is one of those few NBA players that are real human beings and could easily be related to. I mean it is perfectly normal to love a good sandwich and new balance basketball shoes, even though they don't make them anymore. This video was done in part for the Canada Basketball 90th Anniversary and you might ask why Matt Bonner is part of this despite being born in the States. Well, when he came down to Toronto to play for the Raptors, besides becoming a fan favorite, he met some friends that eventually hooked him up with his now, wife. After obtaining Dual Citizenship (in both U.S. and Canada), Matt has often expressed his interest to betray his birth country to play for us (Canadians) because he loved this country and not totally because he will never make the U.S. squad. I am fine with that, the Canadian team needs all the help they can get, so why not add a 6 foot 10, three point shooter that led the NBA in three pointer percentage in the 2010-2011 season. It doesn't hurt that he can hit shots sitting down and off the walls.

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