Monday, December 17, 2012

Things Kobe Bryant might have said to Andrew Bynum at the Sixers game.

Via: @JonesOnTheNBA
The following exclusive transcription of the original conversation is likely fictional or totally real.

Kobe Bryant: "I am only doing this because the camera is on us and not because I actually care for you."

Andrew Bynum: "Nice to see you too, Jerk face.

Kobe Bryant: "Since we have to look like we are having a legitimate conversation, how is your knee?"

Andrew Bynum: "I can't run yet."

Kobe Bryant: "So I was right about calling you being nothing after the Dwight Howard trade."

Andrew Bynum: "Look asshole, you traded no.1 for no.2. Dwight is not winning you any games and my team has a better record than yours even though I am probably never going to play for them."

Kobe Bryant: "More like no.1 worst injury for no.2 worst injury.

Andrew Bynum: "You are never short of those trademarked smart ass answers are you?"

Pau Gasol: "Chill out, guys"

Kobe Bryant: "Shut up, Pau. You don't have a place in this conversation."

Pau Gasol: *whimpers* "I hate you!"

Kobe Bryant: "Why did you say?" *Kobe Death Stares*

Andrew Bynum: "Man, screw this. The camera got enough footage. I am leaving."

Kobe Bryant: "One more thing, what the hell are you doing with that hair? You a trend setter now?"

Andrew Bynum: "YOLO" *Walks away*
Excerpts from real quotes from ESPN and Sulia.

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