Monday, December 17, 2012

Kobe Bryant doesn't think he is a ball hog.

Howard Smith - US Presswire
From ESPN:
"I wouldn't say I'm a ball hog. I'm a shooter. I don't necessarily hog the ball, but I put them up though. I definitely much rather shoot it than pass it. That's just how I am."
 This is GOLD.
"I'm a scorer, man. You don't get 30,000 points without knowing how to put yourself in positions to shoot it. The ball just finds scorers and I can always, no matter what system you're in, you can always find a way. Getting up 30 shots ain't easy. A lot of people don't know how to do that. That's what I do. It's like superheroes. Superman can fly. Spider-Man has webs. Steve can pass. I shoot. … I get 'em up! I make no bones about it. That's what I do. That's what I do. Some nights they fall, some nights they don't. But, Rodman was a rebounder, Coop was a defender, I'm a shooter." With that, he added a laugh.
Just a thought, they might fall at a better rate if you don't take shots in double teams.

His teammates obviously don't love it either, Metta World Peace gives us his thoughts:
“When it turns into the Kobe show, it’s hard for everybody to put pressure on. When we put pressure on the other team, all five guys out there, they’ve got to use their legs. Anybody that uses a treadmill, they know you get tired after a while. After an hour, you want to get off that treadmill. Sometimes when we play, Kobe is the only man running on the treadmill and everybody else is relaxing."
Forget defense, the Lakers needs to work on their analogies.

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