Thursday, December 27, 2012

NBA Boxing Day involved some hard fouls.

A few players from the NBA took Boxing Day to a literal level, using various types of boxing during games from last night. To make it right for the victims, let's play a game of "Dirty or Not." The rules are simple, watch the video and determine whether it was "Dirty or Not."

First up from the docket, we have a sad Dwight Howard taking out his frustration on Kenneth Faried.

This was definitely intentional and unnecessary. Dwight is lucky he won't get a suspension because Faried's dreads softened the blow to his head. His Laker teammate, Jordan Hill however, took a full Dwight kick to his face and his hair ccould not help him in any way.

Verdict: Not. Just a hard foul that went the wrong way.

J.R. Smith picked up his own flagrant foul after a sneaky shoulder to the airborne Goran Dragic.

Dragic did not return to the game, thanks to the contusions he received to his wrist, hip and back.

Verdict: Dirty, he purposely ran into Dragic and kept his arms to his side to look like it was unintentional.

I saved the best (in this case, worst) for last, we have Dwyane Wade splitting Ramon Sessions's groin in half.

Ramon Session was a little too chill about this, making me believe the kick wasn't as powerful as shown on the video.

Verdict: Dirty, even though it didn't cause much damage to Ramon's future child-creating endeavors, a man should never lift their leg up to another man's party area.

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