Thursday, December 20, 2012

Nate Robinson makes fun of Carlos Boozer's spray on hair.

Remember the 2011-2012 Chicago Bulls? There was a bench mob, a championship potential, they were so close, then the whole fucking world collapsed. Thanks to the sick joke the basketball gods played in the first round of the playoffs. What is even worst is that it turned into a commercial that to sell shoes his knee fucking snapped in. Okay, let's calm down a little bit, there were still great moments in that season and nothing tops Carlos Boozer's spray on hair.

Almost a year later, it is still funny and Nate Robinson just made it better. Somebody at Athletico made a Carlos Boozer figure with the signature spray on hair, because they knew no one would buy a normal one. The figure is near perfection, from the position of the shine to the sharpie dark paint on his head. All it needs is the Boozer face expression, then it will be perfect.

Update: Nate Robinson was the one who colored in his hair, makes this even better.

Via: @cjzero

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