Friday, December 21, 2012

Amir Johnson shaved a Raptor Claw in to the back of his head.

Via: @IamAmirJohnson
Amir Johnson is certainly not the first one to shave his team's logo in to his head. While the Raptor Claw looks pretty good with the red, the actual original Raptor logo would have been even cooler. Matches your tattoos too. Other players have done this as well, none more famous for it than Metta World Peace, a psycho formerly known as Ron Artest.

He only needs a Chicago Bull and whatever the hell a Pacer is, to complete the collection of the teams he played for.

Tony Allen had a Grizzly done, but it looked more cute than intimidating. A grown man should not have glitter on the back of his head and especially not for Bear eyes.

Via: Curtis Givens
Fans are not to be outdone either, here is a picture of dudes with NBA dudes in their hair. The kid with the Matt Bonner even got suspended from school for it. His asshole of a Principal forced him to remove before he was allowed to attend school again.

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