Monday, November 19, 2012

The Round Up - November 18th, 2012.

Stats Rundown:

Kevin Durant gets his first career triple double tonight in the victory over the Golden State Warriors. He scored 25 points (8 of 16 shooting, 3 of 5 from the three), grabbed 13 boards and dished out his first 10 assists. He has only had more than 8 assists twice in his career, what a ball hog (jokes, I would rather him shoot more than allow Russell Westbrook carry the offensive load). (Via:@johnschuhmann)

Board Monster: Anderson Varejao is still very good at getting rebounds, grabbing 15 in the loss to the Philadelphia 76ers.

Dishin': A day after Rajon Rondo got 20 assists against the Raptors, Jose Calderon decided do his best impersonation of the Boston guard. Handing out 18 assists in the victory over the Orlando Magic.

Thief: Russell Westbrook robbed the Golden State Warriors 5 times in the Oklahoma City Thunder win.

Butter Fingers: Rajon Rondo and Roy Hibbert both lost the basketball 6 times in their games. Roy Hibbert is continuing to disappoint, failing to be the star that the Indiana Pacers have paid a max contract for.

Rookie Watch: Damian Lillard registered 16 points, 3 assists and 3 steals in the victory over the Chicago Bulls.

Time Machine User: Kobe Bryant is playing out of his mind this season, 22 points, 11 rebounds and 11 ASSISTS and 3 steals. This is his 18th triple double in his 17th season in the NBA.

Head Band Boo Boo: Jason Kidd received a cut during the game, and needed 7 stitches to the side of his head, which explains the strange head band positioning. It is somehow very amusing.

FROLO: Just a daily update on Andrew Bynum's funk-a-licious hair.

Injury Update: @GotEm_Coach got actual footage of Andrew Bynum injuring his knee in the bowling alley.

I ain't no Slouch: One of the famous Washington Knuckleheads, Andray Blatche, has blossomed into a solid player in Brooklyn. He actually went 10 for 10 from the field up until the middle of the third quarter. He finished with 22 points on 11 of 12 shooting in only 19 minutes of play. Who is this guy?

Shameless Records: Rajon Rondo kept his double digit game streak alive to 34, but it was in a 20 point blowout loss to the Detroit Pistons. Doc Rivers had to keep Rondo late in the game for him to get those 10 assists. He even called timeouts to draw up plays for the point guard to find someone to score. Something Boston struggled to do today.

Elbow Room: Ron Artest AKA Metta World Peace have no voluntary control of his elbows, they keep flying around hitting people in the head, "accidentally." Jeremy Lin is unfortunately one of those unlucky recipients. I am sure James Harden have useful advice to recover from a hit like that.

Sunday Night Football:  MWP is probably playing the wrong sport.

NĂºmero Uno: Pau Gasol scored his 15,000th point tonight, making him the 10th foreign player in NBA history to do so. He is also the first Spanish player to reach that mark.

Highlight of the Night: Russell Westbrook haven't dunked on someone in a while, so he felt like he had to remind people that he can still in fact jump very high.

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