Monday, November 19, 2012

Raymond Felton never got into the weight room until this season.

That picture was taken 4 months ago, before the New York Knicks swept up the rest of the NBA, going undefeated for 7 straight games. Last year, Raymond Felton came in to the shortened lockout season out of shape for the Portland Trail Blazers. He even admitted he relaxed because he didn't think there would be a season. It was totally unprofessional, he became somewhat of a internet joke and was hated by every Blazer fan. It also really bothers me that his job was to ONLY stay in game shape, instead he ballooned up over the summer, and stuffed a few too many cupcakes in his face.

In a recent interview with the New York Post, Raymond FAT-ton explained how he got back in game shape in 4 months.
I’m probably in the best shape I’ve been in since college, since the first year I got into the NBA. I feel like I’m back to 21 years old starting off with the Charlotte Bobcats.
This is what he looked like as a Bobcat. Yea, pretty hard to believe, he once looked athletic and it went downhill from there.

Doug Benc/Getty Images North America
 To follow up:
... Probably getting in the weight room, something I never did in my life (chuckle). I did a lot of running ... training two times, three times a day ... and then I had a great chef on board. I didn’t drink nothing but water for like three months.
Seriously? A professional athlete like yourself, did not work out until your 10th season in the league. Unless you are Kevin Durant, you have no excuses. At least you are playing great in New York right now, but that doesn't mean the fat jokes will stop.

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